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NEW FORUMS!!! - Located at www.pureshadowforum.invisionplus.net

With the new forum i can make people Admins and Mods. Also I will have more power over the forums. I will be selecting the admins and mods and abusing your power WILL get your admin or mod taken away. Breaking the rules will get you banned from the forums.(and yes I can do that with the new forums.) SO ENJOY!


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THIS SITE NOW VIEWABLE AT www.pureshadow.tk!


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Regestering there will get you a free domain and me a fish! click on the video below to register please do so. Also by doing so i can get this site to be even better!

Hey everyone. I hope you enjoy this site. I am constantly updating it.I am the ONLY worker on this. I do all the updates myself.  So if there are extended periods of time without new pages and or items added im sorry.

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JaGeX is also now hosting Funorb

Pureshadow Updates

4/22/08 - Daggers Released and Item Format Updated

4/21/08 - Battleaxes Released! 

4/21/08 - Scimitars Released!

4/21/08 - Logs Released! 

4/20/08 - Non Member Helmet Release.

4/20/08 - Download Page added along with Cursor Set #1

4/20/08 - Chainbodies Added!

4/19/08 - Platebody Format Tweeks 

4/19/08 - Release of the Platelegs

4/19/08 - Release of the New Platebody Format.

4/13/08 - Plate legs should be added today. <-- Sorry about the late Release.

4/12/08 - Platebodies Launched

4/12/08 - Pureshadow is launched